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Express Nourishing Ritual

With the hectic pace of modern life there never seems time to truly care for our hair. Combining instant results with long-lasting nutrition, this Instant Ritual is full of nourishing jojoba and avocado oils. Using our prescription service your Kerastase Ambassador will ensure this Ritual produces beautiful results on both fine and thick hair. Your hair will look and feel light, silky and the effect will last for five cleanses.

Enriched Nourishing Ritual

Just like the latest in skincare technology, this Ritual combines two complementary actions to firstly restore the nutritive balance through enriched nutrition and then preserve this balance with an anti-drying protection system. The masque works on each hair fibre replenishing the essential nourishing elements resulting in optimal shine from the root to the tip. The nourishing formula leaves hair soft, nourished and incredibly lightweight.

Intense Nourishing Ritual 1

Fine hair is often dry and sensitised due to the elements and heat-styling. This Ritual is tailored to meet every need of your hair and ensures excellent results on fine hair. The masque works on each hair fibre, leaving hair silky, shiny and tangle-free. Your hair will feel soft, light and nourished.

Intense Nourishing Ritual 2

Take time out to indulge yourself in a Kerastase Intense Nourishing Ritual 2. The combination of massage and heat in the Ritual optimises the effect of this luscious masque-crème ensuring thick hair is smooth, soft and nourished.

Smoothing Ritual

Dry hair is often prone to frizz and can lack shine and smoothness. Relax into this Smoothing Ritual, whilst your Kerastase Ambassador massages your hair to amplify the results of the treatment. The intense nourishing formula will soften your hair, leaving it smooth and easy to manage.


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