specialist treatment rituals

Reconstructing Ritual

Technical services, including colour and forme can very often leave hair weak and damaged. Strengthen your hair whilst enhancing the stunning results of your technical service. This Ritual reinforces your hair fibres, increasing resistance to technical services. Your hair feels softer and stronger.

Strengthening Ritual

Combat the side-effects of technical services and restore your hair back to its natural beauty. This Ritual immediately rebuilds the internal substance of your chemically treated hair. Colour is rich and vivid for longer and forme regains spring and bounce. Your hair feels naturally full of body with a new strength and vitality.

Volumactive Ritual

Breathe life into fine, fly-away hair. This Ritual takes a new approach to volume using an ultra-light cream masque to strengthen and revive each hair fibre. From root to tip, fine hair is transformed and reshaped with long-lasting substantial volume. Hair is left soft, shiny and easy to style.

Firming Ritual

Exposure to the elements, stress and heat-styling can dry out your hair, leaving it dull and brittle. In this Ritual, a luscious gel-crème masque is applied using a rejuvenating massage technique to repair, firm and protect hair that has weakened over time. The active ingredients repair and strengthen each individual hair fibre so that your hair becomes full of body and easier to style.


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