specialist treatment rituals

Chroma Perfect Ritual 1

Following colour treatment hair can lose its colour and radiance. Chroma Perfect 1 seals in colour and ensures that radiance is immediately revealed on fine hair. This Instant Ritual ensures your hair will be transformed with intense and dazzling colour that will be long-lasting due to this Ritual’s enhancing powers.

Chroma Perfect Ritual 2

Thick hair can often lose colour and shine between treatments. Chroma Perfect 2 boosts colour radiance and performance to prevent dullness. This Instant Ritual works to seal the applied colour into the hair and provide longer-lasting colour brightness and shine.

Colour Radiance Ritual

Colour treated hair can often fade and appear dull and lacking in shine. The melting gel-crème masque in this Experience Ritual is gently massaged into your scalp and hair to boost colour radiance in sensitised colour treated hair. Your hair is transformed leaving it soft, flowing, smooth and gleaming with renewed brightness and mirror-like radiance.


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